Home Workout using a single dumbbell

Imagine …

A home workout you can do with just a single dumbbell, that actually gets results.   I’m going to show you a quick, simple to execute routine consisting of only (4) exercises.

It should take roughly five (5) minutes to complete one (1) circuit of these four (4) exercises, and I would like you to do four (4) circuits in total.

So, it will take twenty (20) minutes to complete this circuit.  I have also given instructions on what to do next if you have time.  I included a twenty (20) minute mat routine to follow these circuits, and a sample fat-burning routine for twenty (20) minutes after.

If you can complete the whole workout (1 hour) twice per week, and also commit to add in forty (40) minutes of cardio on two other days, then you will see results.

Combine this with a smart #vertfood nutrition plan, and failure is not an option.


Reaching Pushup

Reps: 15 alternating
Sets: 1

From a full plank position, lower into a pushup, keeping abs tight so hips don’t sag. Press back up into full plank and immediately reach one arm up by ear, palm facing in. Lower arm to return to starting position. That’s one rep. Repeat, alternating arms with each rep. Make this easier by placing feet wider apart, harder by bringing them closer together.

Reverse Lunge

Reps: 15 alternating
Sets: 1

Stand with feet together, holding dumbbells by sides. Step one leg back, lowering into a lunge by bending both knees about 90 degrees, keeping good posture and abs tight. Return to start, and immediately repeat on opposite leg to complete one rep.


Oblique Row

Reps: 15 per side
Sets: 1

Begin in a split stance with right leg forward, holding a dumbbell in left hand only. Lower into a lunge and hinge forward from hips about 45 degrees, keeping spine naturally straight and abs tight, reaching both arms towards right foot. Bend left elbow and pull arm back behind body. Quickly switch sides, allowing torso to rotate as arms change. That’s one rep. Complete all reps on right, then repeat with left leg forward, holding weight in right hand.


 Goblet Squat

Reps: 15
Sets: 1

Stand with feet slightly wider than hip width, holding the end of one dumbbell with both hands in front of chest with elbows bent. Lower into a deep squat position, tracking knees over toes. Return to start and repeat.


Now, go ahead and do twenty (20) minutes of mat work.

Focus on :

  1. planks

  2. side planks with T rotation

  3. bridges

  4. side leg lifts

  5. bird-dogs

  6. fire hydrants

  7. reverse crunches.


Finish off with twenty (20) minutes of sweating & wear a sweatshirt, as heat is the KEY to promote fat-burning here:

  • moderate walking on treadmill with slight incline

  • no resistance, easy pace on elliptical

  • slight resistance, moderate pace on recumbent bike

  • shoot some hoops

  • hit the sauna or the steam-room


Recovery beverage of choice is the #vertfood super shake

  •   1 scoop chocolate protein (15g-30g based on weight & goals)

  •   1 tablespoon organic peanut butter spread

  •   1 large ripe banana

  •   1/4 cup organic frozen blueberries

  •   2 cups of filtered water



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